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We pride ourselves at KSSA Security by earning your respect, trust above of all else. Our efforts are put into building strong business relationships and trust you can depend on at any given time. We do not emphasize on making a dollar because our culture doesn't require for us too. With our different business approach, we have earned the respect of some great highly respected clients around Alberta. We are in business to show that security is much more than providing guards for specific periods of time, it's about technological security advancement, creating coverages with benefits that don't cost additionally, it's about going the extra mile to earn your respect and trust. The rest naturally follows through. 

The common concern of most clients is the cost associated to hire security guards or other personnel devoted to guarding against theft, interruption, and damages. Rest assured our obligation is to promote safety and security awareness for customers and clients while maintaining the price pledge to provide reasonable and affordable security services. We are in the business to making a very strong commitment to our clients, as they are responsible for our success.


​​​​​Protecting What Matters The Most.

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