At KSSA security, we ensure our clients have peace of mind. This is achieved through the creation of a Safe Zone coverage that is placed at work entirely to ensure our protection is always optimal and beneficial. We take the time to create an active communication network between our covered sites and nearby businesses to help eliminate the possible threat, business interruption and all form of damages. Our business objective is to provide all clients, regardless of industry security protection, however, some businesses do not require immediate security measures due to the nature of the business they conduct. These clients still benefit from the coverage as they also help contribute to keeping our secured area occurrence free. 

 Currently, our Safe Zone coverage consists of:

  • New Vehicle Dealerships

  • Used Vehicle Dealerships

  • Municipality Vehicle lots

  • Collision Centres

  • Detail Centres

  • Religious Centres

  • Hotels

  • Airport ​​Vehicle Drop off Lots


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EST. 2004


“It is truly a pleasure to be working with Khizer and Sajid of K.S.S.A Security.  They have a genuine concern for decreasing/eliminating unwanted visitors to the property and preventing any loss or damage. I especially appreciate how they work together with all the surrounding businesses to actively warn about suspicious characters in the neighborhood, in a timely manner, so that we can all be on the lookout and proactively prevent incidents. I would highly recommend them as a partner for crime prevention.”
- Kim Randall, General Manager

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